Do you remember the joyful “high” we got as kids after an afternoon of playing outdoors?  Well, there is a scientific reason for that. Oxygen plays a role in our health and well-being.  And in times we are facing right now with a pandemic affecting the entire world – outdoor activities are increasingly more important than ever. Outdoor exercise offers an alternative to gyms — which are likely closed during times of social distancing! Regardless of the time of year, we should always take more advantage of the outdoors. Numerous outdoor activities give you more choices for enjoyable exercise, which is likely to keep you motivated.

The following are some highlights of the benefits we get from getting outside for some fresh air:

It Improves the Immune System

There’s no doubt that fresh air is good for you, and for most people, that is quite a literal statement. By increasing the amount of fresh air we get, will increase the amount of oxygen which helps our white blood cells function properly by fighting and killing bacteria and germs.

Those who get outside and breathe fresh (clean) air on a regular basis have been shown to have stronger immune systems than those who stay indoors. This means less illness overall, as your body has an easier time fighting off germs before they invade and take over. If you want to keep yourself well, make it a point to get outside and breathe deep. Not only will you feel better, but you may boost your health for a lifetime. Make some time in your life to get outside and breathe the freshness. Your body and your mind will thank you in the long run.

Fresh oxygen energizes.
Back away from the energy drink. Research shows that spending time in fresh air, surrounded by nature, increases energy in 90 percent of people. “Nature is fuel for the soul, ” Richard Ryan, researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, tells the University of Rochester. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.”

Fresh air is useful for processing

Fresh air causes you to process sustenance all the more viably. That is the reason it’s incredible to go for a little stroll outside after you eat. From all the medical advantages of fresh air, this one is extremely significant in the event that you are attempting to get in shape.

Fresh air is good for your digestive system

Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen helping you digest food more effectively so this will particularly help if you are trying to lose weight.

Fresh air makes you happier

The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe which will increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale. Serotonin can fundamentally help your state of mind and advance a feeling of satisfaction and prosperity. Fresh air will leave you feeling increasingly revived and loose.

Fresh air cleans your lungs

Your lungs dilate more from having an increase of oxygen so fresh air improves the cleansing of your lungs. You release airborne toxins from your body when exhaling through your lungs.

Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind

You may have noticed after spending time outside, you come back indoors feeling brighter and perhaps ready to get back to work. More oxygen results in greater brain functioning, improving your concentration skills and providing you with more energy. There is a “positive impact of being outdoors and around natural elements on subjective vitality, above and beyond the effects of physical activities or social interactions that can take place in natural settings,” adds researcher Richard Ryan, et al.

In addition, venturing outside will also help you produce vitamin D from the sun, which is essential for many bodily functions including supporting our immune system, strengthening our bones, teeth and much more.


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